The official Tumblr for Peter and John, a collaborative feature film effort led by students and professionals. Production in Nantucket starts this Spring.

  Kingdom County Productions has announced that actress Diane Guerrero will play the role of Lucia Childs in its film Peter and John, now shooting on Nantucket. Lucia Childs is the mysterious young woman who, during the spring of 1872, arrives on Nantucket island. She brings long-buried secrets with her and attracts the attention of brothers Peter and John Roland. Diane Guerrero plays the recurring character of Maritza on the new Netflix hit series, “Orange is the New Black.”

“We’re pleased to welcome Diane to Nantucket—and to work with her to bring this fascinating and complex character to life,” said Peter and John director, Jay Craven.

Last day before Production begins!! The beautiful sunset over Almanac Farm this evening must bode well…

Today is the last day before Principal Photography begins!! We’re all on Nantucket island now, and it’s been a whirlwind. Students Elodie Munezero, Luke Becker-Lowe, and Charlie Manclark, rigged up a daring overhead camera set-up this afternoon with the direction of AC Patrick Kennedy, Key Grip Greg Tango, and 2nd unit DP Jake Haehnel! Photo by Willow O’Feral

Some shenanigans and some work.

Our cast is officially announced!

Attention everyone!  We have just released our official cast list, which includes 2014 Golden Globe Winner Jacqueline Bisset as Louise Roland, Emmy Award Winner Gordon Clapp as John Roland, star of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and BBC’s The Last King Christian Coulson as Peter Roland and Shane Kearns as John Roland

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It’s early, it’s cold, and our production team needs to get a boat in the water.  Done.

Photo credit Willow O’Feral

The Art Dept: Props & Set Dec are coming together!! Peter & John production office, Nantucket. Photo by set photographer Willow O’Feral

We spotted this Snowy Owl on Nantucket 

Day 3 of scene by scene run through with all departments and students.

Another beautiful sunset here at #MarlboroCollege. This almost makes the frigid air here at our home base in #Vermont with it!

Top 10 Islands -- National Geographic

Looks like we picked an okay place to shoot…Nantucket has been called the #1 island travel destination in the WORLD by NatGeo!!

Our #BTS crew captures some snowy B-Roll with students Ayana, Charlie, and Lilly. Thanks to Katie for the pic! #BehindtheScenes #BravintheBlizzard #PJMovie